Project Management

Principal Investigator:

Program Manager:

  • Joseph Mongeluzzi - jam634 (

Project Advisors:

  • Dr. Mark Campbell
  • Dr. Mark Psiaki

Spacecraft Technologist:

  • Liran Gazit - lg345


The Attitude Determination, Control, and Navigation Subsystem (ADCNS) executes the relative navigation that will be used for CUSat's in-orbit inspection procedures. CUSat will primarily be using three GPS boards for attitude determination. For attitude control, CUSat will be using pulsed-plasma thrusters (PPTs) and torque coils. The software portion of ADCNS will consist of the relative navigation algorithms, which will run the various modes of operation defined by the CONOPs.

Lead: Troy Hoffa - tjh97 (

Lead: Garrick Lau - gl259 (

Subsystem Members
Aastha Acharya - aa533 Christopher Atkins - ca362
Steven Dourmashkin - sjd227 Peter Ericksen - pse9
Doug Kaiser - dtk42 Josh Krongelb - jnk45
Dan LaChapelle - dml337 William Lee - wjl57
Joyce Lin - jl963 Kevin Lo - kl443
Priya Nambiar - pkn6 Clement Ng - ycn3
Morgan Young - mny6

Flight Operations

The Flight Operations team defines the detailed, on orbit operations plan for both CUSat satellites. Operating procedures are defined to match with hardware and mission specifications and help ensure successful execution of the mission.

Lead: Sarah Brotman - smb375 (

Lead: Paul Jackson - pjj39 (

Subsystem Members
Alexandra Abad - mea88 Samir Borle - smb435
Faye Elgart - fmh39 Kat Juraschek - kfj9
Shiva Rajagopal - svr24 Shela Wang - sw679
Noah Wegener - ndw24

Ground Segment

The Ground Segment team ensures proper implementation of CUSat ground operations. This includes building and coordinaing the four ground stations (Ithaca, Redondo Beach, Colorado Springs, and Kwaj) as well as implementing software that allows for easy control and communication with both satellites.

Lead: Andre Heil - avh34 (

Subsystem Members
Arjun Biddanda - aab227 Tabatha Felter - tlf49
Muhammad Khan - mhk98 Chuan You - cy264


The CUSat Satellite project employs Systems Engineering extensively. The Systems group is largely responsible for providing the project with direction by creating top level system requirements, creating best practices, maintaining communications, making design choices, and creating processes for creating a successful product. Each of the subsystem leads also participates as a member of the Systems group, which allows the project to maintain consistency and focus.

Lead: Joseph Mongeluzzi - jam634 (