Project Management

Principal Investigator:

Program Manager:

  • Robert Zimmerman - rmz8 (

Project Advisors:

  • Dr. Mark Campbell
  • Dr. Mark Psiaki

Spacecraft Technologist:

  • Liran Gazit - lg345

Integration and Testing

The I&T team is responsible for enabling rapid integration and testing of CUSat. I&T is also responsible for testing CUSat in Cornell University's thermal vacuum chamber.

Subsystem Members
Matt Rozek - mlr48


The CUSat Satellite project employs Systems Engineering extensively. The Systems group is largely responsible for providing the project with direction by creating top level system requirements, creating best practices, maintaining communications, making design choices, and creating processes for creating a successful product. Each of the subsystem leads also participates as a member of the Systems group, which allows the project to maintain consistency and focus.

Lead: Robert Zimmerman - rmz8 (

Mission Ops

The Mission Ops team defines the detailed, on orbit operations plan for both CUSat satellites. Operating procedures are defined to match with hardware and mission specifications and help ensure successful execution of the mission.

Subsystem Members
Wendy Shaun - wxs2

Electrical Hardware

The Electrical Hardware team manufactures and manages the design of all the electronics on the spacecraft. Each satellite contains nine custom design PCB (printed circuit boards). This team also manufactures the wiring harness for the satellite electronics.

Subsystem Members
Howard Kim - hgk5 Matthew Kuzdeba - mpk28
Dan Lee - dl285 Xiao Li - xl72
Miguel Salas - mos22 Richard Yu - rxy2

Mechanical Hardware

The Mechanical Hardware team manufactures the satellite structure and manages the design. The structure includes eight isogrid panels as well as numerous electronics board enclosures. This team also develops the Pulsed-Plasma Thrusters (PPTs) that are used for attitude and position control.

Subsystem Members
Ofer Eldad - oe23 Max Knobel - mwk29
Chase Mira - cam224 Nao Murakami - nm226
Jeremy Rosenweig - jpr36 Matthew Safran - mls256

Ground Segment

The Ground Segment team ensures proper implementation of CUSat ground operations. This includes building and coordinaing the four ground stations (Ithaca, Redondo Beach, Colorado Springs, and Kwaj) as well as implementing software that allows for easy control and communication with both satellites.

Subsystem Members
Eric Brumer - eb229 Zoe Chiang - lzc2
Nathaniel Parsons - nsp25 Clinton Tepper - cst25


The Harness subsystem is responsible for satellite wiring, the electronics backplane, the electrical interface boards, and any System level electrical concerns.

Lead: Tyler Orchowski - tjo27 (

Subsystem Members
Steve Fuertes - saf42